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OMEGA Compliance

Aurora Apparel ensure the integrity of global supply chains as we endeavor to work with secure, reliable, ethical and free from corrupt practices.

We ensure on full transparency over our product, supply chain partners, employees and associates. to operate our supply chains with complete confidence.



Aurora Apparel is audited successfully for Labour Standards, Health & Safety, Environment and Business Ethics with SMETA additions like,


Universal rights covering UNGP

Management Systems & Codes Implementation,

Responsible Recruitment



Business Social Compliance Initiative

Aurora Apparel is audited successfully for labor standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and other important international regulations like the UN Charta for Human Rights, as well as on national regulations. This initiative aims at continuously improving the social performance of suppliers, ultimately enhancing working conditions in factory.


PVH-CR Corporate Social Responsibility

Aurora Apparel adhere to Code and fulfill the terms of engagement defined under PVH-CR the foundation upon which our business relationship can be built and sustained. Terms of engagement for our business partners include commitments to:

1. Transparency

2. Accountability

3. Responsible Sourcing

4. Worker Non-Retaliation


WRAP Compliance - Worldwide Responsible ​Apparel Production

Aurora Apparel is dedicated to ethical and responsible business standards. It demonstrates that we obey the laws of our country, treat our workers with dignity and respect, and are conscious of the impact our operation has on the environment. The WRAP certificate is a recognized symbol of a commitment to uphold social and ethical standards.

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SEARS HOLDINGS Global Compliance Program

The Sears Holdings Global Compliance Program for merchandise vendors and factories is designed to help ensure that Sears and Kmart suppliers operate according to the Program requirements and all applicable local legal laws governing such issues as

Child Labour,



Working Hours,


Health and Safety,

Factory Security.

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