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Aurora Apparel was established as a Joint Venture between two very prominent and highly reputable companies in the textile and garment industry.

Both Companies bring recognizable international experience and know-how from their respective fields in the textile and garment industry

to achieve a complete set of knowledge, capabilities and skills that help Aurora Apparel excel in it’s daily tasks and to become a market leader

that can guarentee reliability, flexibility, and most important – quality.

Tessitura Monti India Pvt. Ltd.

Cotton Fabrics Manufacturer

Gruppo Tessile Monti Spa, Italy,  (Monti Group) was established in Italy in 1904 and is currently one of the world´s leading manufacturer of processed cotton fabric.

Tessitura Monti India Pvt Ltd was incorporated in the year 2001 as a subsidiary company of  Gruppo Tessile Monti Spa, Italy, and commenced commercial production in  2003.


Summer Conf S.r.l

Shirts Manufacturer


Summer Conf S.r.l. was established in the year 1994 . It is specialized in developing and manufacturing high quality garments based on Italian tradition, excellency and know-how.

Summer Conf S.r.l. is a part of a larger Group of textile companies and it is enjoying a highly valued reputation  among some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.


Social Responsibility

Aurora Apparel treats every of its staff members with fairness, respect and dignity.
We view it as our obligation to protect our employees from harassment or any form of physical, verbal and psychological abuse within our organization.

The level of staff remuneration and welfare benefits we provide is in line with national labour regulations.
We also observe the local legislation on overtime work and remuneration.

As per statutory requirements all workers & staff members are also enjoying the Facility of provident Fund, Gratuity, Accident Insurance that is provided by the company.

As a caring employer, Aurora Apparel is deeply committed to employee welfare.
In all the group’s factories, the production is carried out in dust-free, cool environment, providing optimum working conditions for the staff.
An in-house clinic has also been set up with first-aid facilities established to look after their personal health.

A special Crèche was built in order to supply the lady-workers the opportunity to bring their childrens to work – where a specialized personal will take care of them during work-hours.

In addition, we regularly hold parties, festive celebrations such as Spring Annual Dinners and short excursion trips for our staff’s enjoyment and foster in them a sense of belonging to the Aurora Apparel family.

Aurora Apparel also has a deep commitment to contribute to the wider community and country whenever the opportunities arise, and although it is a very young and relatively new company, we have already engaged in donations and contributing to various local causes (link to hospital donation)

Medical Room & Creche Facility For Workers


Effluent Treatment Plant For Water Recycling


Rain Harvesting Plant

Rain Harvesting.jpg

Environmental Responsibility

Aurora Apparel also has a commitment to the Environment.

The factories are equipped with highly modern water treatment systems, using natural biological breakdown process with active sludge.

Because we believe green is better – our facilities are surrounded by green areas, where we have planted trees, gardens, grass and flowers .
And because we feel that protecting the water supplies is important – all those green areas are being irrigated by our own water – recycling system as to ensure every drop is counted and none is wasted.

We do not use hazardous materials and Avoid polluting substances, we use biodegradable substances where possible and we recycle our waste whenever possible.

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